From small problems to serious crises, stress is part of our daily life. And although we cannot always control the circumstances, we can control our reaction to them.

When stress becomes excessive or chronic, it can affect your well-being. That is why it is extremely important to have effective stress relievers, which can relax your mind and your body.

Here are several such strategies to try when you have 5 minutes or less.

Change your passwords.

This method is a form of pushing your brain to work. It creates signals in your environment to encourage you to act in a certain way. It can be used as a method to handle stress or strong emotions. For example, change your password to Farewell @ h3r or even better – Quit @ Smoking4ever, and it will help you to stop smoking. Think how many times you enter a password during the day. Make it something that helps you create the environment you want.

Hug someone.

Hugs are so important that they now have their own day – January 21. Even one hug is a great stress reliever. By hugging someone, you force oxytocin to release, a hormone that promotes pro-social behavior and contributes to relaxation, trust, and compassion. In his popular TED talk, Dr. Paul Zak prescribes at least 8 hugs per day to maintain a strong relationship. If you feel weird when hugging your colleagues at work, save these hugs for your friends and family.

Pet the animal.

More and more companies and schools are realizing the powerful influence that pets have on reducing stress. When someone experience burnout, panic attacks or stress – spend some time with pets. As they increase the level of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters, which have relaxation properties.

Try 4-7-8 breathing.

Many busy professionals admit that they do not have enough time to develop a full-fledged practice of meditation. If you feel less focused, more absent-minded, or experience stronger reactions to stressful events, try this technique: sit on a chair or on the floor, straightening your back. Inhale and count up to 4, hold the breath and continue cunt till 7, then exhale on count 8. Repeat this for five minutes. The first few times it might be confusing, but after some time you will get used to that method.


Did you notice during the day when you meet other people how many times they look very annoyed. Emotions are contagious. You can get angry, be unhappy at work or experience difficult times, but a simple smile will not only improve your spirit, but also give a signal to others that you want to connect.

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