Are you a student in UAE or just considering university in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate?

When you just start in the university, you don’t know lots of things which can help you on the way. That’s why we have asked experienced students to share some tips and made a list especially for you.

Take a look at our top six tips for students to be more effective and to make the most of your student life.

Tip 1. Learn to communicate, always know how to make contact with people

Communicate more! The university is an amazing place. It is most diverse and interesting community of young people gathered in one place. Here you can master your communication skills in perfection. Make connections with right people, hold on to them, and learn to respect all others around you. This is likely to be a very important skill that will help you more than once. Never forget the simple rule: the easiest way to make friends is when you are at school and university, later in life when everyone gets busy it will be incomparably more difficult to do.

Tip 2. Focus on the important

Set challenging goals, reach them, celebrate your victories! Repeat this again and again. Learn to keep your attention on the most important training courses, on things that are the most important for you at the university. Focus your attention, make plans for the future, but never lose the feeling of the present moment. It’s now when you should direct all your energy to achieve your goals. But always remember not lose control at the same time to all the rest.

Tip 3. Do not work during studies

For many people it is very controversial decision. Never, never work while studying at university! Especially, on a full-time basis and on a permanent job. A full-time job is likely to take all your time and it will affect your education. You will simply do not have time for both. Unless you are completely sure of what you will need in the future – focus on your studies.

Just remember that as long as you invest your skills and time into the development of someone else’s company (it’s someone else’s, your company is quite another case), other students at the same time invest in development of their personality and intellect. What do you think is a higher priority? Think about this question. And if the work is more important for you, then try to answer the question, why do you need education then…

Tip 4. Learn, learn, learn

Work on yourself, constantly. It is just necessary to constantly improve, to look for new sources of information. Do not be afraid to prove yourself, take part in everything that you consider interesting: science competitions, contests, grants, fellowships, student trips, internships … Keep track of these opportunities and take the ones that are important and interesting for you.

Do not limit yourself only with knowledge gained in the university. Remember that this is just the minimum required. Not every student achieves success; therefore it is necessary to always be one step ahead of everyone else.

Don’t be afraid that your knowledge might not be of any used. Intelligent, smart “heads” are expensive asset. Just most importantly, make sure that your “study does not interfere with education.”

There are very few people young people talented by nature, most of them have to make their way into life by hard everyday work.

Tip 5. Pay attention to your GPA (average score)

Everyone knows that there are examples of some well-known people, who have not graduated from the university, but at the same time they perfectly feel themselves in this life, having achieved sky-high successes. But!

First of all, they are far from being proud of the fact that they didn’t graduate, and do not recommend this approach. Do they give priority to people without education when hiring thenselves? No!

Secondly, if you will not be worried about your average score, then it is unlikely that this will somehow help you to found your company and achieve worldwide recognition. Very often young people find in this simply as a reason that will cover their laziness and incompetence in some issues. True?

Are your academic achievements and your average score important? What do your parents and friends think about it? One of Google founders believes that nothing so well characterizes the human intellect as the average score of his diploma, in particular mathematics and the English grades. The remaining grades, in his opinion, reflect the ability of a person to realize this knowledge in all other areas. You should know about this. Think about it now, because you will have no second chance to correct GPA of your diploma.

Tip 6. Be epic

Now this phrase is often used to end inspiring speeches at conferences. For us, its meaning is made up of the following components.

  • Be yourself!
  • Be unique and inspiring!
  • Respect others and be respected.
  • Be the best at least in one area
  • Never give up

The above is just our experience and we are not trying to say that it’s the only truth in this world. We are just sharing our advice.

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