Junk food, sweets and processed meats were excluded from the menu in public schools.

The Ministry of Education recently issued a circular for schools, which prohibits 9 types of food in order to promote healthy nutrition among students.

Processed meat such as sausages, mortadella, pastra, and instant noodles were prohibited due to the high levels of saturated fat, sodium, monosodium and artificial flavors.
Chocolate bars, other chocolate products containing nuts and chocolate spread have also been banned due to the high levels of saturated fats, sugars and artificial flavors.
In addition, jelly, lollipops, chewing gum and other sweets were also removed from school canteens.

Liquid sugar – soft drinks – will no longer be available, including energy drinks, sports flavored drinks and juices with sugar and / or artificial flavors.

Cakes and donuts were also considered, as they contained saturated fats, sugar and artificial flavors.

Furthermore, circular prohibits several items containing peanuts, potato chips and french fries.

9 kinds of food prohibited in public schools:
1. Processed Meat
2. Instant noodles
3. Chocolate bars
4. Chocolate spread
5. Sweets
6. Peanuts
7. French fries
8. Soft drinks
9. Cream tarts and donuts

The Ministry of Education has pledged to encourage students and their parents to refrain from consuming such products, and also not to bring prohibited foods in lunch boxes.

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